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Profhilo is a collagen boosting Hyaluronic Acid (HA) product.  Designed to enhance the lost volume of your youth whilst lifting.  Profhilo is also designed to improve the quality of your tissue and boost the skins natural firmness and elasticity.

Profhilo product is injected into the skin, where it disperses in a two-centimetre radius, it is then very slowly broken down by the body.  This is not a filler per se, it is designed to boost what we already have and enhance that, it isn’t mouldable like the hyaluronic acids we use for lips or cheeks for example.

These new breed of HA treatments are designed to enhance the natural beauty by adding extra hydration, elasticity from the collagen production, smooth out fine lines and add loss of volume, creating a more youthful glow and radiance.  The best bit is after treatment is complete the effects last around 9 months. 

To receive the best results from this treatment, It is recommended that a course of 2 treatments are preformed within 4 weeks of each one.

£275 | 1hr individual treatment

£500 | Course of 2 treatments

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