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At Nuface Aesthetics we offer two options for skin blemish and lesion removal, cryotherapy and short wave diathermy. Both treatments are effective and during your consultation we will discuss with you which treatment would best suit your needs. 


Cryotherapy is a common treatment used to remove skin lesions by freezing them with liquid nitrogen. At Nuface Aesthetics we offer our clients cryotherapy treatments to treat a range of skin lesions.

A wide range of benign lesions can be treated with cryotherapy. It is however most commonly used to remove actinic keratoses (pre-cancerous lesions found mainly on sun-damaged skin), viral warts, seborrhoeic keratosis, cherry angiomas and other benign lesions.

Cryotherapy is very quick and highly effective form of skin lesion removal in Verwood, Dorset.

Short wave diathermy treatment

Short wave diathermy (or ACP) is another common treatment used to remove skin lesions. The procedure uses an alternating short wave, high frequency current to cauterise skin blemishes by thermolysis which creates a heating effect on the skin.  

Most skin lesion removals can be achieved in one treatment, though occasionally a course of treatments may be required but this will be discussed fully at your consultation.

Both cryotherapy and short wave diathermy are quick and effective forms of skin blemish removal in Verwood, Dorset.

Treatment prices start from £95

Milia removed during facial

Facial Price Plus £20

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